We want to make your stay as relaxing as possible. Therefore, we have specialized our offer mainly on facilities where the hotel and the golf course are located on one site.

Royal Bled Golf, Vrba, Lesce, Slovenia

Wittelsbacher Golfclub Rohrenfeld Neuburg e.V., Rohrenfeld, Neuburg an der Donau, Germany

Castle Hotel Münchhausen, Schwöbber, Aerzen, Germany

Golfpark Bostalsee GmbH, Heidehof, Nohfelden, Germany

Golfhotel Vesper, Frielinghausen, Sprockhövel, Deutschland

Golfpark Strelasund, Zur Alten Hofstelle, Süderholz, Germany

Golfclub Der Öschberghof, Golfplatz, Donaueschingen, Germany

Hardenberg GolfResort Marketing GmbH, Northeim, Germany

Quellness Golf Resort Bad Griesbach, Kurallee, Bad Griesbach im Rottal, Germany

You ask, we answer

In our Q&A you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our service.

You will usually receive an answer to your request within a few hours. On weekdays, resorts can respond to inquiries faster for understandable reasons. So please be patient if your request takes a little longer over the weekend.

First and foremost, the search result depends on your location and the duration of your stay, as we don’t want to cause you any unpleasant travel time.

Some other factors such as ratings, promotions, etc. are also included in the selection.

No. We have specialized exclusively in offers, which you can reach relaxed with your own car.

Of course you can cancel your reservation free of charge within the terms of the respective resort. The exact guidelines will be communicated to you before your booking confirmation.